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Telescopic Height Adjustable Tripod

Minimum possible height (without Camera Assembly) (cm) 60-70
Maximum possible height (without Camera Assembly) (cm) above 185
Height Locking System Type Lever
Weight Carrying Capacity above 20
Number of total segments in telescopic leg 3

Beam Splitting Mirror

Transparency ratio 70:30
Mirror Thickness (mm) 5
Size in consonance with the display area of monitor Yes

Beam Splitting Mirror Enclosure

Type Detachable
Metal Thickness (mm) 0.8 – 1.2
Vertical movement flexibility 0-45
Movement control System Screw
Shape of Aperture for camera hood Rectangular
Aperture size for camera hood (minimum diameter at any point) (mm) above 150
Mirror & monitor display area size coincides Yes
Shroud length (cm) above 50

LED/LCD Monitor & Mounting Mechanism

Monitor Mount Type Detachable
Mount Platform Stand Fixed
Platform Metal thickness (mm) 0,8 – 1.2
Monitor Size (Inches) 18.5
Monitor Brightness (cdm2) 200-300
VGA Port 1
HDMI Port 1
BIS Registration under CRS of Meity for Monitor Yes
BIS Registration number and it’s validity R-41083984

Camera Mount Assembly

Camera Mount Assembly type Detachable
Thickness (mm) 0.8 – 1.2
Camera sliding rail length (cm) 31 – 40
Camera Upward Displacement (cm) 8.1 – 10

Features & Options

USB script controller availablity Yes
Wireless controller availablity Yes
Additional Subsystem Connectivity Support 1
All Hardware Parts should be powder coated, wherever applicable Yes


Software (Licensed) Yes
Software Installable on Single System
Text File Format Word/Text/RTF
Language Support Indian and Foreign both
Word Formatting/Word Processor Options Yes
Run Preview Option Yes
Scrolling Speed Adjustment Yes
Autorun Speed adjustment Yes
Script prompting Mirrored Yes
Script prompting un-mirrored Yes
Script prompting Flip-Text Yes
Inbuilt Text Editor Yes
Script queuing Yes
Keyboard Speed Control Yes
Shortcut List/ Bookmarks creation Yes
Script progress Bar/Tag No





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